The Strength of People in our Lives

Trüly Making A Difference

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares The Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future,” Jeremiah 29:11.

As a mother, I have tried to lead by example. I know the power of positive and negative influences on our behaviors and throughout my life I have attempted to guide my children to serve God by serving others. I am often asked, “Where do you get your strength?” So let me take you on a little journey… I grew up surrounded by three brothers, learning to do pig chores, move irrigation pipe, and play tackle football. But I believe my toughness was role modeled every day, as I watched my mother maneuver through life. She taught me lessons that prepared me for this cancer, and lessons that helped me develop a strong faith. 

When I was diagnosed with cancer my mother was devastated. I understood and our relationship grew even stronger. Three weeks ago, she asked me what had changed, as she noticed my energy level had increased and there was less need to walk away from activities. I never shared with my mother the new Trüronia routine as I wanted to make sure this product was impacting me, it was, and she noticed. She was excited for me, however also interested if Trüronia could make a difference in her arthritis. My mother is not a complainer and has a tremendous tolerance for pain, but secretly she was taking 12 ibuprofen a day to function. She hated that the pills were needed and I had noticed an increase in her complaining about her stomach, so I did what any daughter would do, I introduced her to Trüronia and challenged her to try it for one month.

~ TrüBeliever ~

Meet my mother, Virginia. She recently celebrated her 82nd birthday. I find it hard sometimes to see her get older as she has been this “non-stop, busy, gotta get things done, can’t sit still” constant in my life. She was the first person to worry about me, applaud my accomplishments, teach me to pray, and give me permission to cry. She “always knew I would be a counselor” and never, never discouraged the dreams I shared with her. She is an amazing cook, something I should have taken more seriously. She has now taught my daughter and granddaughter family recipes. I have learned valuable lessons from her, those lessons you don’t read in a book or learn in a classroom. I often sit back and admire the wisdom she has.

My mom was a twin. Her twin brother, Virgil, was deaf, and my mother was his keeper. She fought many battles for him. When he fell and went into a coma, I saw my mother tirelessly sit by his bedside for over weeks, sleeping in a chair, praying that her brother would “just one more time open his eyes and respond to her.” During that time, I never admired someone more than her. She loves with her whole heart, no strings attached, no expectations, and prays the rosary daily for her children, grandchildren, neighbors, family, and her community. She is usually the first women knocking at your door with food after a surgery or loss of a loved one. She is a strong Polish woman, who can still play the accordion, often listens to Polish albums, has taught my kids how to play poker, is extremely artistic and can cook a feast in minutes! 

She has used her hands throughout her life either fixing meals, gardening, canning, sewing, or drawing. I noticed thirty years ago, arthritis had begun to set in, but it never seemed to slow her down. Ten years ago at my daughter’s wedding, arthritis in her hands, knees, and back became painfully obvious as she struggled to dance. And secretly my mother had begun a daily regiment of 12 ibuprofen to help her function. My mother’s ability to cook and help at church events is crucial to her happiness; it is her purpose. 

Two weeks into using four ounces of Trüronia daily has resulted in NO more ibuprofen. I am thrilled as I know that not only is it helping, but it has to be better for you. My mother’s ability to bake her amazing pies makes all of us happy, and knowing that her pain has decreased does as well. She is diligently teaching her great-granddaughter, Annie the secrets of each and every delicious dish she has ever made and with each dish comes words of wisdom and faith that I and my daughter grew up hearing. What joy it is to see her interact with Annie and how blessed we all are to be a generation of four women, laughing and celebrating the passing of family traditions.

My mother lives only a mile from me and can be seen attending school events, delivering rolls to a sick neighbor or helping out at a church function. Her and my father love the farm life.

May you see how the people around you have helped to shape who you are., good or bad, and may you find strength thru them to face the challenges ahead.

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**Gina Baker has been battling Stage 3 ovarian cancer since 2014. She is a farm wife, mother, grandmother, and a mental health therapist. She is a blogger for Trüronia and can be reached at