It's All About The "R"
“Commit everything you do to the Lord, Trust Him, and He will help you.”  ~ Ps. 37:5. 
This week we will tackle the letter “R” in the acronym “PEARS” , which in fact happens to be my favorite letter!  “R” stands for relationships…….the thing that is the driving force of who we are in life.  It is the relationships we have or don’t have that help define quite often how we embrace the world around us.  Relationships are essential to living………remember Tom Hanks in the movie, “Cast Away” and his friend, “Wilson?”  Relationships can exhaust us, motivate us, cripple us, enhance us……….and these relationships either are beneficial or hurtful.  Often the difficulty we face in our lives, is related to a disruption in a relationship.  It is a breakup, a death, an argument, a betrayal, that often results in our world spinning out of control.
When I received the diagnosis of cancer, I knew that I needed all of my energy to fight, so I inventoried the relationships in my life.  It was critical that those relationships were ones of support and not of conflict.  I proudly announced to my family, that there was no one in my life that I was upset with or still had unresolved issues that still were haunting me……..and then three days later my phone rang!  I smiled, as God knew better.  On the end of the phone was someone I had not spoken to for 15 years.  And yes, it was that person whom I had yet to forgive.  He had learned of my cancer, and through our 30 minute discussion, I had forgiven him.  I now could move forward knowing all of my relationships were at a level of contentment.
One of the greatest relationships I have had over my lifetime began my first year in college.  Hastings College was the home to two girls who were excited about life and helping others.  When I met Cheryl, we instantly became friends.  We lived together, partied together, and often stressed together.  We loved similar things and laughed our way through difficult times.  When we were facing a major test, we would relieve stress by filling up pie plates of Cool Whip and would smash them in each other’s face!  We would spend hours talking about life and our dreams.  She and I had established a solid friendship that would take us through years consisting of weddings, children, deaths, and now cancer.  Cheryl was one of the first person’s I found as my cheerleader when the Chemotherapy became difficult and my confidante when I needed to cry.  Cheryl throughout college had seem me at my best and worse, so now at this time, she was someone I trusted.  I often would receive notes in the mail or a crocheted hat for me and a matching one for my grand daughter.  Some relationships are so precious that it is hard to describe them………that is my bond with my college roommate, Cheryl.
Seven months after my cancer diagnosis, I received a phone call from her.  She had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  We cried and laughed.  How crazy was it that she now was facing cancer and we would be traveling the same road.  Cheryl discovered her cancer at Stage 1.  We knew that finding it so early was a blessing, however she would still have too endure surgery, radiation, and medication.  And like every cancer patient, the days, weeks, and years of treatment does take a toil on you physically and mentally.
Cheryl is a Mary Kay consultant and just like me, she does not push people to try her products.  So it was her that reached out to me when she read my blogs on Trüronia.  I suggested that she give it a try and keep me posted, and today I proudly introduce to you “my sister” from another beautiful mother…… a TrüBeliever!


Cheryl has been married to Kenny for 31 years.  Together they have a son, Josh and a daughter, Christin.  In May of 2015, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Cheryl is a devoted wife and mother. However one of the strongest relationships she had was the one she also cherished the most. This was the relationship she had with her mother.  Cheryl’s mother, Mary was a devout Catholic, whom was loved by her community of Loup City and beyond, and often could be seen walking three miles at the age of 90.  Cheryl was devoted to spending time with her mother and during times of struggles with the cancer, it was in her mother’s arms she found comfort.  Cheryl  also found comfort in the piano and crocheting.  Two hobbies that she shared with her mother.  Cheryl lost her mother in 2018, however when she plays the piano, “It brings me peace, it brings me joy as I can feel Mom’s presence.  I can see her head cocked to the side, smiling with pride.”   Her mother was an avid crocheter who taught Cheryl one day as they sat and swung on the front porch.  Today Cheryl crochets hats for Chemotherapy patients as a way to honor her mother and her own journey with cancer.
Cheryl sought out Trüronia to see if it would make an impact on her digestive system and the pain she was having playing the piano or crocheting.  Her digestive issues stem from the medication she has to take for five years due to her cancer and Cheryl knows that with the loss of her hobbies, there is less joy and peace.
Listen to her talk about her life, her joy, and her trust in Trüronia.
Cheryl and her husband reside in Ravenna, Nebraska.  She is the Outreach Coordinator/Victim Assistance Coordinator in the Child Protection Office for the Dioceses of Grand Island, Nebraska.  
There are millions of people in the world.  Some of us are fortunate to find people that touch our heart, who we find a connection with throughout our lives, even when miles separate us or years keep us too busy to visit……..I am one of those blessed people, and God granted me a friend who truly knows how I feel……thank you Cheryl!  Our relationship is one that Hallmark could produce a movie on or …………maybe one just to write a blog about!
 Don’t allow a relationship to dictate your life……give yourself permission to walk away from toxic ones and be brave enough to try new ones!

The Writer

Gina Baker has been battling Stage 3 ovarian cancer since 2014. She is a farm wife, mother, grandmother, and a mental health therapist. She is a blogger for Trüronia and can be reached at

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