Have A Little Faith
Be still and know that I am God” ~ Psalm 46:10

There are moments in our life that help to define our direction, not necessarily define who we are……Cancer has definitely defined the direction that I have traveled and I am not alone.  While completing treatments especially chemotherapy, I would challenge myself spiritually to find God in all the people or places I encountered.  In fact before my last major surgery, I took a two day silent retreat.  I begged God to hear me as I slowly walked the stations of the cross on a hill located at the retreat.  My spirituality was being tested, and I knew that this was now my cross.  How fitting is it that this week, two weeks out from Easter has me introducing my readers to the “S” in PEARS.   The “S” stands for spirituality. 

I have always been faithful, however when cancer became a part of my life, my faith was shaken and tested.  I grabbed books on prayers, healing, devotions, and guidance.  I received wooden crosses in the mail and even a beautiful teal rosary.  People sent me messages of “God’s love”, however initially I was too focused on getting the right treatment that I neglected my prayer life.  Then it happened, day after day God sent people into my life…….I often refer to them as “My Simon’s”.  “Simon of Cyrene was the man who helped Jesus carry the cross and saw the extreme suffering Jesus endured on our behalf, Simon also came to Trust Jesus as his savior.  Simon may have borne the cross part of the way to Golgotha, but Jesus bore Simon’s sin” (1John 2:2).  On my tough days, I would remember the degree of suffering Jesus did for me, it helped me embrace the days the chemo kicked me, the pain from surgery or the agony I saw on my family’s face………nothing can compare to the greatest sacrifice Jesus made for each of us.

So I moved forward and I allowed people to help carry “my cross” and I took on the attitude “Why Not Me”.  God trusted me to take this journey and I had to trust he knew me better than I knew myself…….he didn’t want me to suffer…..he wanted “something” and it was my job to figure out just what it really was….this lesson, this task, this mission I was given……once I switched the way I looked at cancer, I grew spiritually closer to God and his plan for me.

If you spend much time with my family, you will often hear us say…..”well it is a sign” truly identifying that God is sending a message.  We have learned through our trials in this life, that faith is about not believing God can, but knowing that he will!  I believe that he wanted me to see him, in the world around me from the people I encountered to the experiences I had.  And once I did, I saw God everywhere.  God wanted me to discard the busyness in my life, and search for him.  And so I did.

My journal entry from a chemotherapy day

I saw God today

I watched a young granddaughter comfort her grandmother as they maneuvered the halls of the Cancer center. Next to me sat a gentleman who patiently worked on a puzzle as he waited….according to him 2 hours…then a man walked out the clinic door to greet him….his twin brother.  They laughed and slowly left the building…..this is the building that has become too familiar, yet when I am here I feel lost and afraid.  My sense of unknown is real. Isn’t that crazy that you can have this many treatments and still feel lost.  It is my 29th chemo! The walls are decorated with beautiful pictures and drawings, and the blown glass is eye catching and distracting.  As I pass through the corridors I am drawn to a young couple who sit in the garden….he is talking nonstop and she is pale and fragile.  Our eyes lock, and I look away.  I can’t bear to look, cause I feel her pain and I feel her fear…..I know that look and it frightens me……because today I am her…..I try each chemo to stay positive and focused on the possibilities, but this journey is hard and each treatment, CT scan, and results are overwhelming.  This recent appointment left me noticing everything around me… it was the first time I had done this…..I was looking for you God……..see today Dave and I made a decision.  The next time we walk thru these cancer doors, we will either stay the course or take a different route….Cancer has forced my direction and at times, just like other cancer patient it starts to define you… we fight…. we pray …..we breathe …..we question…we cry and then we wake up because our faith reminds us ………..God’s Will, will be done.   I saw you today, and as my oncologist told me the results, you held me.  I am not alone.  9/2017

As I inventory my “PEARS” each day, I try to end it with extra time on the “S”.   My journal entries help me see the growth I have made and the impact God has played in my life.  I am not afraid anymore.  I am excited about life.  I have proudly gone from…..suffering with this cancer to looking at “HOW” God will use me to bring joy in this journey.  That is why I began writing this blog.  I wanted to bring messages not just about the benefits of Trüronia but also the message of Hope.  I often think that I have it all figured out…this life God has given me…..but I have a feeling when I meet him face to face, he might smile and educate me on how far off I really was…….until then, I will strengthen my spirituality by attempting to please him and glorify his name!

Just an extra thought……if you are struggling, try journaling about God’s presence or lack of presence in your life. Or the Simon’s in your life.  Then a couple days later, read it.  Now write again about the same struggle……highlighting how you were able to get through it.  We often forget how we make it through some difficult times.

Trü Fact

Things are changing.

A few of you reached out with concerns regarding our product. That it tastes more bitter than usual, or a little more earthy.

Here’s why:

Aronia berries, just like wine grapes are a little different every year. This is due to weather conditions, sunlight, rainfall, hail, and everything else Mother Nature decides to throw at us.

Here’s what you may not know:

Bitter can equal better. High anthocyanin levels in fruit can cause a bitter, more dry taste. They also lead to a higher antioxidant level in the fruit, giving you more bang for your buck in terms of healthy juice.

Here’s what to do about it!

When you get your aronia juice, add 4oz to your favorite juice and ENJOY!

To all of our long time customers, thank you so much for buying our product and supporting Nebraska farmers in their quest to produce life-changing juice.


Team Trü

The Writer

Gina Baker has been battling Stage 3 ovarian cancer since 2014. She is a farm wife, mother, grandmother, and a mental health therapist. She is a blogger for Trüronia and can be reached at

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