Isn’t it amazing how a taste can remind you of a memory?
“Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him”
~ Psalm 34:8
TrüPost…….Isn’t it amazing how a taste can remind you of a memory?
Eric Church’s song “Springsteen” reminds us that “a melody sounds like a  memory”.  I would take it even further by adding a taste, a smell, a picture, a joke, or a story can also remind you of a great memory.  It is using our senses that God gave us daily to help us to feel him, to be in awe of him and his works.  
Last year I landed in the hospital twice for a bowel blockage due to scar tissue resulting from my four surgeries.  My diet consisted of IV fluids and then more IV fluids for four days during each hospitalization.  Isn’t it amazing how hungry you become when someone says you can’t eat?  And once I was able to tolerate clear liquids, all I wanted was something that had a crunch.  It was at this time, I was instructed that although food was not the contributing factor to my blockage, rethinking my food intake could help prevent future hospitalizations.  I was about to reevaluate everything that I put in my mouth…….honestly this was a new concept because this girl loves food and I grew up in a home where my mother cooked with passion and variety. 
When chemotherapy was a weekly routine, I was told about the importance of my blood work and the information it would tell.  If I was going to be successful in making it through each treatment, my blood would make the determination.  Each week my “good” blood numbers started to decline.  I could not miss a treatment as it was critical to beating this cancer.  I researched foods that contained nutrition that would enhance my blood.  I discovered the best foods for iron was and then the adventure began.  I needed food high in iron, and my choices were narrowed to gizzards or liver.  Fried gizzards became my number one food, in fact the local bar would fix them every Monday for me. Tuesday resulted in perfect blood work.  Liver and I have never been friends, and with nausea as a constant, I knew liver was not a viable option.
The additional struggle with chemo was the “after” taste of metal following treatment. I received numerous suggestions and often received lemon drops in the mail.  I have never been a fan of lemons, so I found that “Hot Tamales” the candy would knock my taste buds back to normal.  The bonus was this candy has always been a favorite!  Battling cancer really was testing my taste and frequently I was unable to eat.  Food over the past four years,  while maneuvering cancer symptoms have helped me go down memory lane.
When I taste sauerkraut and ribs, I think of my Uncle Ralph.  He fixed this every time I travelled home from college.  The rest of the family hated the smell and the taste! But not us.  I am still the only one in the family who loves it, but each time I make it, I think of him.  Pancakes always taste the best during a hometown fireman’s pancake feed, and when I eat beef jerky. I am quickly transported to a hunting trip with my husband to Wyoming…….that is a long story! Chocolate chip cookie dough creates the memory of my children and now my grandchildren grabbing spoonfuls of the dough as quick as I make it!  And then the taste of peppermints brings my grandmother, Anna, face to face with me.  She died when I was in college.  But when I need her strength, I buy pink peppermint circles.  I sit and eat them and spend quality time with her memories. The taste of certain foods capitalize memories and so often will bring a smile to my face.
God gave most of us the sense of taste.  I have mindfully noticed all that we are given by our Lord to explore with our taste buds.  Two billion humans even eat insects for dinner!  Not in the Baker households!  I have tried new foods and new combinations in an attempt to discover what works for me.  That is one reason Trüronia became apart of my daily routine.  I have never loved berries other than strawberries. So trying Aronia was with a leap of faith.  I am not a total lover of the tase but I am a total lover of the impact these berries can have on my health.  I don’t care for raspberries, blueberries, lemons, cherries, and the only jelly I will eat is grape! I have learned to create great recipes that delight my taste buds when the benefits are healthy for me.  Four ounces of Trüronia and four ounces of my favorite orange juice, helps this medicine go down!
Taste your food with purpose, being mindful of the texture, the taste and the smell.  Take the time to appreciate the foods God has prepared for your taste buds and let that experience take you to a great memory.
TrüFacts ~ Last weeks note from the TrüTeam is worth reposting again!

Trü Fact

Things are changing.

A few of you reached out with concerns regarding our product. That it tastes more bitter than usual, or a little more earthy.

Here’s why:

Aronia berries, just like wine grapes are a little different every year. This is due to weather conditions, sunlight, rainfall, hail, and everything else Mother Nature decides to throw at us.

Here’s what you may not know:

Bitter can equal better. High anthocyanin levels in fruit can cause a bitter, more dry taste. They also lead to a higher antioxidant level in the fruit, giving you more bang for your buck in terms of healthy juice.

Here’s what to do about it!

When you get your aronia juice, add 4oz to your favorite juice and ENJOY!

To all of our long time customers, thank you so much for buying our product and supporting Nebraska farmers in their quest to produce life-changing juice.


Team Trü

The Writer

Gina Baker has been battling Stage 3 ovarian cancer since 2014. She is a farm wife, mother, grandmother, and a mental health therapist. She is a blogger for Trüronia and can be reached at

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