I Spy With My Little Eye!
One of my granddaughter’s favorite games is “I Spy.”  Annie loves trying to stump her competitor and she has truly become attentive to her surroundings.  She and her brother notice everything…..they are so curious!  In our home, we have a picture of the Santa Monica pier.  Most people see the beauty of the colors used by the artist and the accuracy of the ferris wheel……..but ask my son or daughter what they see, and you will receive an different description.  When they look at the canvas, they see a homeless man painting on the beaches of California whom they encountered on one of our vacations.  As children we asked a lot of questions based off of what we saw, and often this is how we learned.  As life gets busy and responsibilities become overwhelming, our curiosity becomes diminished.  We miss what is right in front of us…….
Of all the gifts God has given us, sight is one that I feel so blessed to have every minute of every day.  I grew up afraid of what I was unable to see, and darkness is still something that creates an unsettling feeling for me.  I learn with my eyes and I often talk with my eyes as well.  Ask my children! They respond quickly when they see the “look”! Not being able to see the beauty of what this world holds would be a struggle…….but not impossible.  I reached out to my friend Christine and asked her a simple question…….how did you do it?  Christine and her husband Rich raised a son who has been blind since birth.  
So In the spirit of Easter, I present to you a TrüBeliever in LIFE…….. 
“We are not special. Just thankful God trusted us enough to care for his amazing child. Our son Deaven was born at 26 weeks weighing in at only 2 lbs. As a result of the severe prematurity his retinas detached. Although, Deaven may not be able to see with his eyes, he sees with his heart. He has taught us and everyone who meets this 29 year old that you can accomplish anything. He is a talented drummer, been sky diving, flown on commercial flights alone, cooks, lives in his own apartment, attended NASA Space Camp in Huntsville, AL, ran track, and has crowd surfed at a concert with over 75,000 people in attendance. Deaven has no fear of the unknown, he trusts God to protect him.” ~ Christine and Rich Tenski
Imagine for a moment, you are unable to see……would you live life like Deaven? Or would you live it in fear and doubt? I can see, and I live in fear at times, or so wrapped in other things I miss the important things along the way.  My drive each morning to work is 15 minutes.  If you asked me what I saw in those 15 minutes, I might not be too informative, because I have driven the same route for 18 years.  But since the recent devastation of the flood, I can tell you about the mattress on the pivot, the blue tank in the ditch, the cracked concrete on the bridge, the pink tricycle that has lost it’s owner, and the corn stalks in piles in every field I see.  The flood waters changed the scenery of my frequent drive, just like my cancer diagnosis changed me four years ago.  I was living life day by day. And then walked in Cancer.  I was afraid.  I promised myself cancer would not change me…..but then I remember the day I saw myself in the mirror.  I had no hair……that image reminded me that I was sick, and it was an image that I still don’t like.  Cancer was changing me……but isn’t that ok?  Being diagnosed with cancer is a big deal, and it should impact a person.  Big situations should change us.  The trick is making sure the situation doesn’t become you, swallowing you up and making you anger.  It is how you look at the situation and seeing it for what it is……. a situation!  The reason I didn’t like being bald was not because I didn’t like seeing myself that way, it was truly because every time I saw myself in the mirror, it was a reminder I was sick…… that my hair is back, I don’t have a visual reminder that I have cancer! Well I do have the annoying port on my chest that visually says “she has cancer” but at least it serves a purpose!
Cancer has taken a part of me but I hope you don’t see that…..I hope you see me as someone who is living life and trying to inspire others to do the best they can.  I see things different thanks to cancer both good and bad.  It has made me more appreciative of the things God has so brilliantly placed in front of me.  My favorite sights are the American flags flowing at our cemetery during Memorial Weekend, the faces of my three grandchildren, a letter stamped “paid in full”, the report marked “disease stable”, eagles flying, a clean house, a video done by my son, a smile on a client’s face……and list goes on and on.
This Easter as we celebrate the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus, I am hopeful that we see all that he did for us so that we can glorify his works every day…..that we may notice the little things and seek new things to discover with the sight he has given us…….and we live like Deaven, unaffected by obstacles. 

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The Writer

Gina Baker has been battling Stage 3 ovarian cancer since 2014. She is a farm wife, mother, grandmother, and a mental health therapist. She is a blogger for Trüronia and can be reached at

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