About Us

Real Farmers Making Real Healthy Juice

Trüly Making A Difference

Eliminating unnatural chemicals creates healthier soil and crops, which creates healthier people

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Healthier Soil

We add a variety of organic minerals to our soil to improve its overall health

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Healthier Plants

We spend 2-3 years taking care of our plants before we even get our first harvest

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Healthier Berries

Our aronia berries have more antioxidants and anthocyanins than any other known superfruit

Our Story

We started as a group of family farms in Nebraska that made the switch to organic farming over ten years ago to benefit our families, friends and customers. We soon discovered the aronia berry in our search for more ways to help people live a more healthier life, and realized we had stumbled upon a genuine super food. After trying it ourselves, we had lower blood pressure, healthier digestion and positive effects in a short period of time. Using our established farms and years of experience, we’re dedicated to share the amazing fruit with everyone.

Our Farms

Our aronia berry farms are located in the heart of the midwest in Hastings, Nebraska. These family farms have been around for hundreds of years and throughout multiple generations. We are grateful for the family and friends we have been able to feed with our organic produce, and hope to continue sharing a healthier way of life with everyone that enjoys Truronia.

Our Blog

We share our success stories and educate people about mental health and wellness through our blog Trü Post. Hit the link below to learn more!

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